A well known bridal magazine “The Knot” thinks it knows what a girl wants:

Here are some of the results of their annual survey, do you agree?

  • Almost half of all brides use their mobile devices to browse and research ring styles prior to getting engaged
  • Grooms are more focused on the style of the setting while brides are more focused on the shape of the stone
  • Grooms spent an average of around 5 months researching rings — and it took an average of around 4 months to find the right one
  • Grooms visisted about 5 jewellers during the ring shopping process, and looked at an average of 25 rings
  • Nearly half of all grooms customized the ring, either by adding custom elements or by designing it from scratch
  • Colourless diamond centre stones are the No. 1 choice for 63% of brides
  • Almost half of all engagement rings featured round centre diamonds; a quarter featured princess cuts, cushions and mine cuts are on the rise
  • The majority of brides prefer a white gold or platinum setting
  • The top 3 preferred settings are: prong setting, halo/shared prong settings, and pavé setting/diamonds
  • The No. 1 reason he didn’t buy online? He wanted to see the ring and or stone in person

According to the magazine “Millennials want to be educated, they want to know they’re making a smart purchase” and I wholeheartedly agree with that. I know what a girl wants too and I’m happy to help you find it or create it for you!