I’m often asked how I go about creating a custom piece of jewellery and there are several answers to the question.

When I create a custom piece for a client there are usually certain things they have in mind that they want to achieve, for example; reusing an existing piece of jewellery, incorporating a loose gemstone purchased on a trip that has special meaning, using a certain type and colour of metal, or for a specific occasion.

A friend recently asked how she could have a ring that was an estate piece that she’d inherited from an aunt, turned into a ring that would cherish the memory of her aunt but still be wearable every day in a unique style that was her own.

There were several diamonds in the vintage piece and she wanted to incorporate as many as possible into the new design. The main diamond was an elegant 1.00 carat emerald cut, there were some rounds as well as several baguette-shaped diamonds.

I sketched out several designs based on our initial conversation and then refined them down into the final sketch. A CAD drawing was produced to test for actual placement of the diamonds and any other details that we wanted to highlight before the ring was cast in 19 karat white gold.

Now my friend has a piece that she absolutely adores and she thinks fondly of her aunt as it puts a smile on her face when she wears it, in fact I’ve never seen her without it on!

If you’d like to have a piece of jewellery custom made, set up an appointment and let’s do it!