One can’t fail to notice the endless images of who wore what to whichever event. Be it music awards – Beyoncé, film awards – Meryl Streep, TV awards – Reese Witherspoon or just paparazzi shots – Meghan Markle we seem to have a guilty pleasure in seeing celebrities both megawatt and not so well known in gorgeous gowns and jewellery.

We are treated to several award shows at the start of every year and can drool over what’s in store for us mere mortals, heavily influenced by the bevy of celebrity beauties that grace the covers of the magazines we never admit to buying but take delight in reading at the hair salon.

One recent awards outing was attended by Beyoncé wearing spectacular, 70 carat diamond and titanium geometric earrings featuring 35 carat centre diamonds, custom made by the US designer Lorraine Schwartz. The whole jewellery ensemble, including three platinum set diamond rings, was reportedly valued at around US $6.8 million dollars.

In this day and age, isn’t conspicuous consumption going the way of the dodo? Apparently not.

These earrings by Anzie could never be considered conspicuous, could they? Whatever you feel about them, you’ll have lots of room left on your credit card for a gorgeous gown to go with them.