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Keith Jack Mey Diamond Wedding Band


Keith Jack Mey Diamond Ring
Keith Jack Mey Diamond Wedding Band – Lomond Eternity Knot in 14k Rose Gold with diamond accented 14k White Gold rails


Keith Jack Mey diamond wedding band. Lomond Eternity Knot.

14k white gold, 14k yellow gold 14k rose gold options, with two 0.25 tcwt. diamond accented side rails. 0.50 tcwt.

Also available, Keith Jack Lomond band without outer diamond bands, $825.

Also available, Keith Jack Lunan diamond band, $1,165.

Full and half sizes from 5 to 13.

The unbroken cord that intertwines has no beginning and no end. It has become a powerful symbol for those about to join their lives together. The intricate knot work of Keith’s wedding band designs shows us that the path ahead will be winding and uncertain, but it is bound together by the enduring strength of love.

Celtic legend is ripe with tales of people moving between the physical and faerie realms. This is because our souls are eternal, like the spiritual world, without beginning or end. Wear this wedding band as a reminder that your soul is what binds your physical self to the spiritual world and it needs to be nourished with an open heart and mind.

Keith draws inspiration from the raw beauty of the Scottish and Irish landscapes. Each of his collections offers something unique that he has seen in a hidden mountain loch, the grey sky over the glen or the ripples on a sandy beach. Keith’s designs are strengthened by his ability to blend ancient Celtic symbolism with contemporary style and elegance.

Each Keith Jack wedding band is named after a loch or river in the wilds of Scotland.


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