What’s your new year style?

We are a mere two weeks into this year and we can feast our eyes on award ceremonies and red-carpet galas, a glimmer of sparkle in a dreary, January, aprés Christmas funk.

It’s fun to watch for up-and-coming trends that make their way from celebrities and fashionistas and trickle through to what we too will be wearing as the year progresses.
Statement necklaces and long earrings were the dazzlers at the recent Golden Globes, what delights will we see at the Oscars?

Whatever your new year style inspiration, whether it be indie or a nod to hollywood, make sure to truly make it your own. I have never been an avid follower of fashion and if I wear things that I like, that suit me, and make me feel good then I feel that I will never be out of style.

And as with all new year style predictions, don’t forget that no matter what year it is, what’s old becomes new again. Time to dust off grandmother’s pearls?