It’s been an exciting couple of months for me and I finally get the keys to my new studio in Kelowna this coming week.

Vancouver is a terrific city and I have loved being there for the past 13 years, and when an opportunity arose to move back to Kelowna I jumped at it.  My life in Canada started there in 1997 and my career in diamonds in 2000.

My new studio is in a heritage brick building downtown on Water Street. I am fortunate to be above RauDZ restaurant, some say the city’s best restaurant. A vibrant city with huge attractions including the fantastic climate, wineries, golf, lake and water sports, ski hills and hiking and biking trails. Kelowna is truly a version of paradise and I am delighted to be back.

I look forward to seeing all of my old friends for tea or coffee, wine on the patio or something fizzy and fun.

Thanks for the memories Vancouver.  Kelowna, it’s great to be home.