Spring is in the air, nature’s circle of life and love continues!

“In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

Lord Alfred Tennyson wrote those words in 1835 in a poem about a soldier passing by the place where he spent his childhood.

In reading the words of the poem, it still rings true today that the struggles and strifes of almost two centuries ago are still with us albeit in different forms. Life goes on whether we are at war or peace and we still take comfort in those things that nourish our soul, and what can be more fulfilling than being in love?

Thank goodness affairs of the heart continue and endure, I am very happy when I get to make people’s dreams come true by celebrating their special moments with them, usually in the form of designing commitment rings whether they are engagement, marriage or anniversary rings. Like the ring, the circle of love goes on.

How many young (and not so young) men do you know who’s thoughts are lightly turning to thoughts of love? I can tell you that I know a great number! Long may the circle of life and love continue!