I recently assisted a lovely young man from half way around the world with a purchase of Canadian diamonds. I enjoy helping people and I always take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge of Canadian diamonds and their guarantee of origin.

It’s a colossal process tracking rough diamonds through to polished diamonds and keeping standards up along the way, thankfully there are many terrific people in the industry who uphold the ethics of the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct and they keep Canada’s diamonds special.

I never thought that this process would be possible when I first began my career in the industry, I worked for the company that discovered the diamonds in Canada’s Northwest Territories and they had very little idea about marketing diamonds at all. A deal was struck with De Beers that saw them purchasing a portion of the rough diamonds and then the balance could be marketed by the company I worked for in any number of ways.

A lot of hits and misses happened and various brands popped up in the marketplace, at one point it was estimated that there were more brands accounting for more Canadian diamonds than had been mined!

Needless to say I am proud and delighted to sell Canadian diamonds and love seeing the radiant smiles that break out when Canadian diamonds are presented as a token of love.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all diamonds, and a beautifully cut and polished diamond from anywhere in the world has magic too, it’s just that I usually don’t know where it’s from… unless it’s one of those stunning pinks from Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine!